Worship Coach Intensive

What You Will Get Out Of This Intensive

  • 2 Day VIP Access to The Intensive in Austin, TX
  • Worship Coach Intensive Work Book
  • 7 Dynamic Hands On Training Sessions
  • Exclusive Q&A Times With Rick Pino and Misty Edwards
  • Access To The Private Worship Coach Facebook Group
  • Video Recordings From Each Session
  •   FREE 1 Year Membership To Worship Coach (A $247 Value!)  
About Worship Coach

Have you asked yourself some of the following questions before?

  • What are the most effective ways to grow in songwriting?
  • What is prophetic worship, and how do I operate in it whenever I want?
  • How do these worship leaders and teams that I look up to never seem to have a bad set?
  • How do I get my congregation to go deeper in worship when they don’t even want to?
  • I’ve heard a lot of talk about it, but how do I get the “new sound”?
  • Should I copyright my music? If so, where do I start?
  • Should I record a live album or a studio album first?

As you know, many of these answers can only be discovered through years of experience…

…until now.  

The Worship Coach Intensive is a worship training “boot camp” designed to accelerate your worship journey through a small, hands-on environment. This intensive is designed for those who are ready to get serious about their growth as a worshiper.

If you have ever wanted the chance to learn directly from seasoned worship mothers and worship fathers in an intimate setting then YOUR opportunity has finally come!


Session Topics Will Include…

  • The Study And Purpose of Worship
  • Unlocking Prophetic Worship
  • Pro Songwriting Secrets
  • How To Build Healthy Worship Communities
  • The Tabernacle Of David Then and Now
  • Music Publishing 101
  • Growing in Excellence of Heart and Art
  • How to become a Worship Mother/Worship Father
  • The Effects Of Music on the Brain
  • What Are The High Praises?
  • How to Successfully Record and Release an Independent Worship Album
  • How Traveling Worship Ministry Works
  • Spontaneous Worship Vs. Prophetic Worship
  • Defining Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

… and much more!



Location: Austin, TX

Friday, December 6th

3pm: Session 1
5pm: Dinner Break
7pm: Session 2

Saturday, Decembr 7th

9am: Session 3
11am: Lunch Break
1pm: Session 4
2pm: 15min Break
2:15pm: Session 5
3:15pm 15 min break
3:30pm Session 6
5pm: Dinner Break
7pm: Session 7



Rick Pino

Rick Pino is the founder of the Heart of David Movement, a modern-day “Tabernacle of David” based in Austin, TX. He is also the founder of the Worship Coach Mentorship & Training Program. For the past 20 years, Rick has been calling people to lives of radical love and devotion to Jesus through his worship albums as well as his extensive touring.

Jose Diaz

Josè Diaz and his wife Dana serve alongside Rick Pino as the directors of Heart of David Global, a presence driven, relationship based network aimed at calling and equipping the nations to host the presence of God. He is passionate about seeing the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, as well as seeing an increase of a new generation of Davidic worshipers.

Misty Edwards

Misty Edwards is a songwriter and worship leader. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Edwards was first introduced to music by her mother, who was a music teacher. At age 19, she was hired as an intern at International House of Prayer of Kansas City where she eventually began playing piano and leading worship services.


“This is a powerful new platform that is equipping a generation to have a heart like David through both practical and spiritual training!”

– Jeremy Riddle

“If you’re looking for coaching that will help you grow in your skill and understanding as a worshipper, then Worship Coach is the right choice for you!”

– Kim Walker-Smith

“Worship Coach is an amazing resource for any worshipper, musician, worship leader, sound tech or worship team. I highly recommend it!”

– Misty Edwards

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Dates: December 6 & 7, 2019

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  • 2 Day VIP Access to The Intensive
  • Worship Coach Intensive Work Book
  • 7 Dynamic Hands On Training Sessions
  • Exclusive Q&A Times With Rick Pino and Misty Edwards
  • Access To The Private Worship Coach Facebook Group
  • Video Recordings From Each Session
  • FREE 1 Year Membership To Worship Coach (A $247 Value!)