Worship Coach is a one of a kind mentorship platform that will help maximize your growth and potential as a powerful and confident worshipper. Receive 24/7 access to hundreds of online lessons with new classes and content being uploaded every month.

Some of the subjects on Worship Coach include:

  • The theology of worship
  • Strengthening your worship team
  • Songwriting tips and tricks
  • Understanding music publishing as an indie artist or church
  • How to become a prophetic singer or musician
  • Dynamic music lessons for every major instrument on the worship team
  • How to record and excellent worship album that you’re proud of
  • Exclusive vocal workouts and secrets to strengthen your voice
  • Sound and audio training for churches as well as individuals
  • The 7 Hebrew words for praise
  • What is the Tabernacle of David and how does it apply today
  • Prophetic worship training
  • The “how to’s” of a traveling worship ministry
  • The best music gear to help take your musicianship to the next level
  • What are the high praises and how to implement them to see breakthrough in your worship sets